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    Ruen Peeranun
    Thai Healthy and Beauty Ways

    We serve Fire Lying (Yu Fai) Delivery ( in Thai word ) or Post-Partum Heat Therapy with the following details and regulation to perform for the service :
    1. Make prior appointment 1 week, notify your date and time for service
    - For normal labor should make appointment 7 days after childbirth
    - For caesarian section should make appointment after delivery 30-45 days.

    2. Room for Post-Partum Heat therapy should be open air, with or with out air condition, if there is not a hanger for Herbal tent, please notify our staff at Ruen Peeranun before date of appointment,

    3. The mother should pump breast milk in the fridge, so that the process of massage and compress shall be continuously, since the time for Post-Partum Heat therapy shall be long for 5 hours per day.

    4. The mother should eat before appointing time 1-2 hours for empty of stomach.

    5. Payment for the person who reserve Post-Pratum Heat therapy shall be a half on the first day of service to the staff of Ruen Peeranun, the rest on the last day of service.

    * If the service is cancelled, Ruen Peeranun shall refund for 50% of the fist payment in order to compensate our cost from herbal, and equipment preparation for such cancelled service.
    6. Products, herbs and equipment, material prepared for you :
     6.1 Nourishment set included: Body, Face Cover Set, Mixing Cup for Body, Face Cover Powder with its lid, Skin milk lotion, Bathing, Steaming Herb and Skin Scrubbing Set.
       6.2 Aroma Set with equipment
       6.3 2 Long Skirts for wearing in herbal Tent and massaging
      6.4 2 Body Small Towels
      6.5 2 Large Towels for Massaging
      6.6 1 Cloth for Oil Massaging
      6.7 Body Tent for herbal stream sauna.
      6.8 Herbal Beverage Sets
      6.9 Yu Fai Luang Sets

    In addition for post-partum heat therapy, we also provide teaching for massaging for healthy, massaging for recovering, massaging for curing, foot massage, aroma massage, fire lying at your home, and advice for healthy.

    We operate by expert experienced physicians, nurses and Thai traditional medicine personel.

    Contact Informatiom : RUEN PEERANUN
    94/21-23 Saimai 69 Khang Saimai Khet Saimai Bangkok 10220.

    Tel. (662) 991-9559
    Mobile Phone : (668) 1404-1749, (668) 9456-8545
    E-Mail : paninun@ruenpeeranun.com

    Click Here Ruen Peeranun Map
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