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    Medicational and Pharmacological Effects of Lotus

    Root : fragrant, sweet taste, treatment of fever and diarrhea, nourish elements, treatment of sputum and thirsty, boiled with water to dissolve drug for anti-hot, weakness, anti-vomiting, blister or abscess and treatment of hiccup.

    Stolon : fragrant, creamy, cool sweet taste, cure thirsty, anti-cough, eliminate secretion, treatment of servere diarrhea, expectorant effect, cure pustule, blister, gall bladder dysfunction, and cure vomiting, reduce blood sugar, heal wound, anti-inflammation and stomach disorder.

    Leafrod : stop bleeding effect.

    Flower : astringent taste, effefts of relieve fever, body-soul element disorders, sputum and blood disorder, maintenance well being of the infant during pregnancy or for easily labor.


    Pollen : astringent, cool taste, treatmemt of fever, toxic fever, typhoid, phlegm, fatigue, nausea & vomiting and womb nourishment.

    Stamen : taste is astringent, aromatic odour, antioxidant effect, with substance of Flavonoids (alkaloids substance) extract to be "íYahom", nourish heart, nerve and boost the strength makes refreshing.

    Saccharin from the pollen : treatment of obstructed phlegm, colicky neck, enhance body strength and property of diuretic effect.

    Pod skin : astringent, fragrant taste, relieved stomach disorder, healing of intrauterine ulcer.

    Young leaf : astringent, sour taste, enhance body strength and giving refreshing.

    Mature leaf : astringent, sour taste, but cause drunk a little, relief fever, haematologic nourishment, smoke for healing of nasal polyp and sinusitis, treatment of chronic cold, reduce secretion, reduce blood pressure, fat in blood (Cholesterol) and effect of pausing constriction of blood vessels.

    Seed : sweet, starchy rich and cool taste, enhance body strength, nourish power, neurotic effect, make lively, cure hotness, thirsty, phlegm, blister, gallbladder disorder, vomiting, weakness, fatigue, increase body metabolism and Lipid.

    Embryo or Sprout (Small green piece inside lotus seed) : bitter taste, effect to cardiac vessels, treatment of thirsty, cure semen driven while sleeping and hematemesis.

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