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    Name of product : Body Massage Oil, Lotus Odor
    Properties Nourishing to skin for smooth and soft, glowing with healthy looking Anti-broken and dried skin, used to massage according to the medical science and aromatic oil.

    Name of product : Lotus Blending Fragrance
    Properties Use to make odor, fresh, heart nourish, help blood circulation, reduce giddy, dizzy.
    Name of product : Lotus Borneo Camphor
    Properties Use to make odor, treatment of common cold

    Name of product : Lotus food Wrapped
    Properties Reduce fever, sputum, heart, blood, and womb nourish, help to easily labor, nourish body power, tendon, sinew and nerve nourishing, make lively and energetic, enhance body strength, relieve fatigue

    Name of product : Crispy Lotus Seed
    Properties Help to nourish body power, tendon and nerve nourishing, make energetic, anti-phlegm, gallbladder disorder, vomit, weak, help to increase body metabolism and lipid, cure hotness, thirsty.

    Name of product : Baked Lotus Root
    Properties Reduce fever, treatment of sputum, thirsty and diarrhea, nourish elements, cure apthous ulcer, boiling to be water to anti-hot, weakness, anti-vomiting, blister or abscess and dissolve hiccup.

    Name of product : 5 Pollen Tea
    Properties Help to nourish heart, brain, nerve, womb, reduce fever, nourish power, energetic, has its effect to anti free radicals.

    Name of product : Lotus Seed Heart Tea (Lotus Embriogenic Tea)
    Properties Effect to cardiac vessels, treatment of thirsty, cure seminal fluid ejaculation while sleeping, hematemesis.

    Name of product : Lotus Root Juice
    Properties Treatment of fever and diarrhea, anti-hot, cure apthous ulcer symptom, weakness, anti-vomiting, blister or abscess and dissolve hiccup.

    Name of product : Lotus Stolon Juice
    Properties Treatment of severe diarrhea, cure thirsty, anti-cough (expectorant effect), cure pustule, blister, Gall bladder dysfunction, and cure vomiting, reduce blood sugar, heal wound, anti-inflammation.


    Name of product : Herbal Powder
    Properties Use to apply to face or body skin to relive itchy, reduce irritate, protect prickly heat, heat rash, reduce fat on face, help the skin smooth and bright, reduce pimples and blemish, freckle, dark spot, anti-fungus and bacteria on skin, help to recover skin to be smooth and fresh.

    Name of product : Herbal Scrub
    Properties Help to reduce dark or black marks from pimple, dark spots, help to firm the skin and develop smooth, clean, reduce pimple and freckle, help to activate blood circulation, clean the skin deeply cleaned.

    Name of products : Herbal Body Cover
    Properties protect pimple and freckle, erase wound from pimple, help to nourish skin beautifully, make face clean and smooth, plain.

    Name of products : Bath and Steam Herbal
    Properties Help to recover health after childbirth, expel amniotic fluid, help to adjust skin condition, nourish skin, increase blood circulation, expel waste from skin, reduce weight, dissolve excessive fat, help clear breathing.

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