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    Welcome to Ruen Peeranun

    With highlights and miracle of Lotus, Ruen Peeranun originated to succeed the intentions local cleverness and applied Thai Traditional medication to be the unique of Holistic Health Care. We have selected herb products and serving with quality to offer the optimistic services for enhancing physical, mental health and spiritual of health-Illness continuum stage mothers after delivery.

    Post-Partum Heat Therapy (YU FAI "in thai words") is a kind of cleverness of Thai way in ancient age according to folkway succeeding for a long time. It is a kind of activity mixed among traditional, custom, culture and knowledge on Thai traditional medication.

    During Pregnancy of 38 weeks, motherís body shall change whether physiology, anatomy, uterus and belly wall enlarging more in order to support growth of baby in the uterus.Volume of blood circulation shall be increased, feet and legs swelled before delivery, some mothers suffered constipation, stomach, thigh becomes striped, face skin becomes freckled, skin at neck area, armpit and inside tight shall be dark, the skin becomes slacken, muscle gets painful whether the back, thigh as well as weaken, inactive. Those mothers have to eat useful food in those 5 nutritions in order to supplement to the baby.

    After delivery, it will see that those mothers have more weight gain than usually. That ancestors try to find the solution by Post-Partum Heat Therapy, then this process shall take care motherís health and beauty after deliver which is the Thai cleverness valuable for conservation greatly.

    Benefits of Post-Partum Heat Therapy

    1. Strong health mother and recover so soon, adjust balance for all four elements those are soil, water, wind and fire.
    2. Help to eliminate Uterine lochia, help the uterus dry and quickly recover.
    3. Eliminate waste from body, fresh skin, lively outlook, help blood circulation better.
    4. Fire Luang Herb (big set of herbal medicine) helps to adjust temperature, protect cramy, cool, bone painful, help to recover abdomen returns to usual condition.
    5. Help to protect interfere symptom when getting older (menoposal period) such as easily annoyed, cool and shaking, uncertain temper as well as hot fulgurous to the body.
    6. Drinking warm herbal water and breast massage, eating food help to supplement milk, it shall supplement readiness for mothers to give milk to their children.

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